80s Fashion: the bold and beautiful era. (Part 1)

Fashion in the 80s was all about excess; that’s why they are easily identifiable. Everything was big, bold, and glamorous. That’s the famous decade featured fast music, TV in every house, and extravagant trends! In contrast with the 70s, shirts became looser, and shorts became tighter. Music videos were a significant influence on 80s fashion.

In recent years, we’ve realized that all the most current trends today are courtesy of the ’80s. Fashion is always lead by icons, and The ’80s were no exception to this rule and had their list of celebs inspiring the outfits of ladies all over the world.

The hair and makeup of the ’80s were also extravagant. During the decade, hair was predominantly big and wild. Full-volume was the look that everyone wanted (perm!perm!perm!), and extreme curls or waves were a great way to get it.

When you think of the ’80s, big shoulders always is following the decade. Thanks to the power suiting trend for women, the ’80s saw shoulders pumped up with extra padding to bold new heights and widths.

Lycra changed the world, and everyone in the 80s was wearing spandex. It was the material of the future, and everyone was on-trend.

Now commonly referred to as mom jeans, these high rise beauties made a statement. I don’t know what kind of explanation, but they made one.

Neon colors were everywhere in the 80s. Plus, they popped at the skating rink during the black light skate.

Asymmetry was all the rage during that time because ponytails migrated to the side of the head, now this hairstyle is gone. Probably forever.

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